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Do you find it difficult to choose good books for your child?

Many bookshops have a huge selection and sometimes there’s just too much choice; browsing with
a fractious child isn’t much fun! A shelf with “books for 0-5” is just not helpful – your 4 month old baby won’t be ready for same books as your toddler! A “book of the month” can be a promotion paid for by
the publisher, and not a genuine recommendation by the bookseller. CBeebies can be brilliant – but
the TV tie-in titles are often much less satisfying.

Bookworm Babies is different. It’s like a mobile bookshop – and all the books I bring to you will be just right for the age that your child is now. I am completely independent, but have worked in publishing for over 20 years, have an MA in English Literature and three children of my own. I will only show you books that I believe to be the very best. They will have stories by award winning authors – properly written so that they are genuinely a pleasure to read again and again. They will have pictures by some of the most creative artists in the world – pictures that you would be pleased to have on your walls, not computer generated images! And I will give you advice and guidance, showing you how you can get the most out of sharing books with your child.

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