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Many studies have shown that it is hugely important to introduce babies and toddlers to books. Research has proved that children who are introduced to books at a very early age outperform their peers once they start school. As you might expect, they have improved reading skills, but they also concentrate harder, and are better at maths too. Giving your baby a range of wonderful books and knowing how to enjoy them together really is one of the most significant things you can do to help your child’s development.

Bookstart Study 2000
A groundbreaking study was published in 2000 by Professor Wade and Dr Moore. They researched a group of children who received free books in their early years, and then compared them to a group of children who had not had the same access to books. They found that the children who had received the free books in infancy were significantly ahead of their classmates when they started school. And they were still ahead at the age of seven – in reading, English, maths and science.
"These children had not only been better prepared for starting school, but have maintained their superiority throughout their years of primary education." Wade and Moore

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