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I CAN Research 2007
In 2007 research from the Children’s Charity I CAN revealed that over that over half of all the five year olds in the UK are unable to talk properly. The charity’s spokesman Clare Gelard said "We know from nursery teachers and reception class teachers that children are coming in with fewer speech and language skills. If a child is not talking before they go to school, they won't be able to springboard into academic learning.” Reading nursery rhymes and stories to a young child is an excellent way to introduce them to the rhythms of language, and there is overwhelming evidence that babies who are spoken to more often will learn to speak sooner – and more clearly. “The more books you read together, the bigger your child’s vocabulary becomes.” Junior Magazine

Centre for Social Justice Report 2008
This report emphasised just how crucial the years from 0-3 are. Quoting from the report on the BBC,
Iain Duncan Smith said “What is interesting is that the report shows that the most critical part of a child’s development is the first two and a half to three years of their life. In fact all the scientific evidence of the last ten to twelve years clearly shows that you can pretty much predict where a child will be at the age
of eighteen in terms of their achievement levels by the age of two and a half.”

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